A Big Thank You to K

https://theblackwallblog.wordpress.com/–Please visit her site, it’s terrific!! Have you ever wondered if anyone actually reads your blogs? Well K did and knew I have been having time with bouts of sickness from the many antibiotics I have been on. She felt compelled to ask me to email her. We emailed back and forth yesterday and she had some very good advice, which I greatly needed. Not only am I sick, but Anxiety is having a wonderful time poking and prodding me!!
I felt so much better after emailing back and forth and I am amazed and touched that we have such a wonderful blogging community! Blessings!! Thanks K!!


5 thoughts on “A Big Thank You to K

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  2. I hope you feel better and healing does come, trying to do everything that’s technically the work of two people is stressful. The body throws up weid reactions to all the ‘knocks’ suffered, so keep reading your favourite Bible book for it sustains in more ways than one. I do read your posts. Stay Blessed.

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