Book Reviews….

I have read the following books within the last few weeks of illness between taking meds and running to the bathroom. I have spent hours of watching mindless television. I only feel good for snippets of time. Within those snippets, I sleep and read. When I can not sleep, I read. I wish I could have been writing, but my Kindle is right beside me keeping me company. I miss ‘real books’ and ‘real libraries’ and plan to go when I am feeling better. But for now… here goes the list:

James Patterson, Bullseye a Michael Bennet story….another hit out of the park! Loved it!!
The Mystery Box by Eva Pohler – a good story. Give it a try.
Subtropical High by Gregory Dew – supposed to be a ‘rollicking caper’…not very rollicking for me….but perhaps you should see for yourself…..
the Paradise Valley Mysteries by D. Burroughs – Books 1,2,3,–nice mysteries featuring a lady private eye who meets a hunky new man after her husband is murdered. It kept me entertained while sick.
Six Seconds by Rick Mofina — Great! I have seen his books for years but never read one. Full of mystery and intrigue, I just loved it. Will get more of his books at the library!!
The Greeks of Beaubien Street by Suzanne Jenkins – I really like this author, however, this book just was not very gripping for me….
Tsunami Storm by D.F.Capps – A ‘What If’ story….really liked it.
James Patterson Bookshots: The Witnesses–Loved it!!


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