Crock Pot Cooking…

I discovered the crock pot about 15 years ago. I knew about a crock pot but never tried anything in it. Once tried, I was hooked!!  How simple! I grabbed every cook book I could and therein lies my cooking woes..

At first the kids liked it but as they grew older, they hated everything that was made in the ‘pot’. I think the hubs turned them all. Then as the years went by and I went to my crock pot and casseroles more and more, they turned up their noses and I was just wasting time and money.

Recently, it became apparent that my cooking was no longer loved. I received critiques each night along with scrunched up noses and complaints so much that I decided that I would no longer cook.

Then the hubs stated that ‘fresh meat is better than freezing it’…Of course they all took that as Law. I told him there was no way I was going to the store each day. As time walked on and now there are only three at home, they have varying schedules and there is no particular ‘dinner time’. I never eat what they eat anyway because of my ridiculous diverticulitis. So now the hubs grills almost every night and I fret that they aren’t eating enough vegetables but if I buy them they don’t eat them. I turned to vegetable drinks. That works a little better. The good news is that I no longer cook for an army.

I have never been a good cook, but I have been known to make some good meals and often hosted holidays. This is a chore I don’t miss one bit. The older kids have their own homes with beautiful kitchens and we go there. This is a Plus on having Grown Children!!  My daughter in law and son cook together and it’s so cute. I get to relax on the couch and take a nap with my granddog. My granddaughter and I also visit when she is not Attached to her phone.

Today I put a roast in the crock pot because it was so beautiful when purchased, I could not resist. I love vegetables in the crock pot. I can’t eat the meat, but can at least enjoy the veggies. They will all crinkle their noses but for once in a very long time, I no longer care!!

One less drudgery!!  Go me!!


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