Manning the Enterprise

I am at my Second Station this morning, my computer. (Yay!!) At least I can sit at my desk today! After taking tons of pills (jeez) and trying to get a cup of coffee down, drink my breakfast and run to the bathroom several times, I am just about ready to start my day. Then  I am reading my favorite blogs and sharing my favorite pictures and of course I get a call from my #3 Officer Out West.

The groom to be has a Problem.

My advice was:  If women have pain or a lump in the boob, we go to the doctor. Same for men. Simple.

I think for women we are scared. For men, the jury’s out on that one. (no offense to my male readers!!) But they are more inclined to ignore it and continue on their day, thinking everything will be fine by popping a few advil or having a drink after work. They seem to be more ‘come see, some say’ in my experience than us Women.

Women are afraid, but we are courageous. (not that men aren’t courageous, don’t get your pride hurt)… We know our bodies and know if something is wrong. We don’t like going to the doctor but we also have kids to consider and so we go and find out what is wrong. We then either set our minds to fixing it or fight like hell to Live ….

for our kids….

The exception being my #1 who goes to the doctor immediately if something is wrong. But he was very sick when young and knows me the best, so I guess I imparted My Great Wisdom onto him at an early age. The hubs also would run screaming his head off if he had a Plumbing Problem. (he’s also a big baby)!!

Advice:  Just go to the da@@ doctor. If you wait you could make it worse!!

p.s.  I’m going today aren’t I??


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