Running the Enterprise….

I remember when I was young I would watch Star Trek and Captain Kirk was quite energetic in his little tight suit, consulting with Mr. Spock. Later in life, I started to watch Star Trek the Next Generation every now and then and quickly became a fan of Jean Luc…

I am certainly not young and energetic like Captain Kirk, but I do feel a bit like Jean Luc, although certainly not so eloquent with his lovely accent, but still manning the Enterprise, which is my Chaotic Family. Instead of Jean Luc’s high tech console, I have been handling business calls as best I can, and issuing orders to the Officers of the Ship, which Do Not Listen as well as the officers of Jean Luc.  His console is all lit up and technologically advanced, mine is my bed, issuing orders for the grocery store, (they come back with four boxes of Pop Tarts), doing laundry at the laundry mat (they come back with wet clothes), taking care of the dogs (they let them out and forget them in the rain), putting gas in the car (they fill theirs up but not mine)…reminding them to take out the trash, (it’s overflowing), taking the can up to the curb, (it’s been there 11 days), reminding them of dental appointments (they did not go), picking up medicine for me (they come back Hours Later while I am Puking)…asking them to drive me to the doctor (they are soooo busy), you get the picture….

I am so exhausted from being sick and so scared of the upcoming surgery which will probably be recommended (go to the first of several docs tomorrow and Yes I am driving myself)….but maybe it will be a nice break (they can’t do it for six weeks or more) from the Chaos that is my Life….

And all the Star-ship Enterprise had to do was keep the galaxies safe…..wonder how Jean Luc did it–and with that oh so elegant accent and calm? (I am screaming like a banshee)

Ah, life……


2 thoughts on “Running the Enterprise….

  1. Assign them different species and use them in arguments, it makes them apoplectic and gives you a giggle, I have 4 girls between 23 and 12 (disabled & not leaving anytime soon). I also make and leave posters around the house to annoy them. For example; This is the king and Queens haven no vampires trolls sirens or imps, more elaborate and pictures added hung on the master ensuite when they left the room in a mess. I may be a terrible mother (just ask them) but at least I haven’t injured any of them.

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