The Fixer Upper and Me…

The hubs heard about the shenanigans of his minions, I mean Grown Children and having only bathroom. He came home from work and quite suspiciously went off to the big box hardware store with the 15 year old and miraculously came home with drywall and very mysterious looking items. Then the compressor cranked up and the saws were buzzing and at this late hour we have a second bathroom.

Who knows what the 15 year old told him about today? Whatever it was, it must have indicated something bad about Me because the hubs is in a horrible mood.  Whatever his problem is, it is My Fault….He left the house and told me he may not come back but at least I now have a second bathroom (did I ask him for one tonight? Oh yes, maybe between feeling like I was going to Puke or running to the bathroom we Do Have….I just told him not to bother, it’s a

‘Bad Environment’ …….

as his minions, I mean Grown Children say…

one can’t even be sick in this place




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