I miss you..

How I have missed writing each day!!  How I have missed reading my favorite blogs!!  I have been sick since June with one thing or another, on four different antibiotics, and finally on July 29th was diagnosed with Diverticulitis again, this time from all the D from the antibiotics probably and then being bound up…what a mess. Two more weeks of antibiotics, pain, feeling awful, weakness, depression, no energy, tears, frustration, the list is Very Long. The computer is too much energy to expend therefore no writing. For today all I can say is that I am back for today to touch base with my beloved blogosphere but no idea if I can write again today or tomorrow. Docs to see:  gastro doc, colon surgeon,

to have the surgery or not? So many questions and not enough energy to write it all out…

Miss you my beloved friends in cyberspace, articles, thoughts, stories, struggles, triumphs, pictures, art, animals…I just love you all and what an important part of my life you have become!!


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