Quick blog question

Energy is waning, but I need some help. I have picked up a few followers even though I have not been writing. I get that notice:  lovetoblog is following you (fictitious name) and check out their profile. I do so and get to a ‘gravatar’ page….How do I find you? What is a gravatar? What do I do?

Answers greatly appreciated.


6 thoughts on “Quick blog question

  1. Gravatar is like a side program that allows a blogger to have a little picture that shows up everywhere they post. It’s a way to identify yourself. I know there’s a way to link Gravatar to your blog so that people can click to go to your blog. I haven’t figured that part out yet. I’m probably one of the ones you “couldn’t get to.” Sorry about that. But now you can click on my name to see my blog, if you like.


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