Book Reviews for July–No spoilers!

I do love reading, although due to illness, please make up your own minds on the following books I have read during the month of July.


The Midnight Watch -James Rollins – This is a ‘short story’ featuring the Sigma Series. Excellent!!

The One Man by Andrew Gross — A different twist on the Holocaust which is an amazing read!  This is a fictional account of two escapees based on fact and the affect they had on the winning of WWII.  Different and  Excellent!

Sticky Notes by S. Murray – Cute Christian romance.

Jamie Quinn Mystery Collection Books 1-4 by Barbara Venkataraman –These four books kept my attention while being ill so this really says something!!  Features a leading lady who finds the bad guys. Enjoyed it very much!

Long Time Dying by Solomon Carter – Mystery/Detective/Thriller/Action Books 1-3 – just could not focus very well on this series. But please try it for yourself.

Button Collector by Elizabeth Jennings – A very good story, I enjoyed it. Try it out!!

Super Storm, A Lake Superior Mystery by Tim Hilpert – Good story, kept my attention, give it a try!

Horoscope the Astrology Murders by Georgia Frontiere – I did not understand the astrology part of it, the leading lady is an astrologer and a psychologist who solves the mystery. It kept my attention so that’s pretty good.

When Comes Night by Dan Walsh – Big time cop moves to small time, mysteries and murder is involved of course but it kept my attention and liked the story…

————————————————————————–The Desperate Love of a Lord by Jane Clark – Historical/Regency romance. A nice little story that I enjoyed.

Undeniable Rogue (The Rogue’s Club) by Annette Blair – Regency Romance. Cute…

The 38th Floor by Clifford Irving – Mystery/Action/Intrigue—I never made it to the 38th Floor but don’t take my word for it, it may really grab someone else….

Deadly Gamble by Connie Shelton – Cute mystery featuring leading lady…

The Last Original Wife by Dorothea Benton Frank – Loved this book!!  A great read! Made my tummy hurt though, but then again I was actually laughing!!

Thanks for reading these reviews. These books were read during the last half of July while I was very sick so don’t put too much stock in my one word review or my lack of interest in the above books….

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