It’s been a while…

Being sick of any kind is no fun at all, we all know that. However, being sick the entire summer is a bummer of the first kind. Antibiotics are needed at times, but I will certainly make sure I need them before I ever take them again. Diverticulitis has really done a number on me, although I have written of it before and experienced it three times before. I will be visiting a gastro doc as well as a colon surgeon within the next two weeks. I am in the fifth week of my recovery and I have good days and bad days. I have strength returning but am certainly not back to ‘normal’.  The docs may say it’s from food but this time I know food was not the reason I developed this infection. This time it had something to do with all of the antibiotics and then the awful D that comes with it. The painkillers from the work done on my teeth and they of course bind one up also helped the infection do it’s dirty work….

#1 has sent me information written by a colon surgeon who does not think that surgery is always necessary, even when the patient has chronic diverticulitis. He thinks only in complicated or life threatening cases should surgery be performed. This article has given me much food for thought. I was at first leaning toward the surgery and wanted it desperately when I was “in the throes of sickness”….however, after thinking and thinking and re-reading this article, I have drafted a list of questions for my upcoming appointment and then prayerfully consider my options. I am not going to “race into surgery”….

It is a miracle that #6 and I have been able to finish homeschooling for ninth grade! It took most of the summer but he really stepped up and made it easy on me. We are waiting for 10th grade books and lesson plans to arrive and hopefully will be started soon.

One tends to fall into depression when sick for a long time, staying in the house all the time and never going out. Being anxious of actually venturing out is the next hurdle to jump. I have experienced these things this summer.

I have watched hours of mindless television, not being able to be on the computer, but I have been reading when able and will do some book reviews next, but I could very well be blamed for not especially liking some of the books I have read, because I was unable to focus on much except feeling so awful.

I will try and continue my promise to myself and write each day, but am very disappointed that I have been unable to do so for long. Writing is so therapeutic for me, even if no one reads my blog. I felt so sick just to make it to the computer, and the effort of powering up my laptop was too much. From the bed to the bathroom and to the kitchen to eat or drink just because I had to was, and is some days, enough.

The only time I was on the computer was to assist #5 with his community college paperwork as he was ‘audited’ as a part of his financial aid. That was a challenge.

#5 takes a driving class online which has not been working due to their changing servers, so tried to get the site to work for him. He is a wizard and couldn’t make the site work but I did try and actually had to get online with the administrator so he could “trouble shoot” and it still doesn’t work. Just another thing for another day….

So off to book reviews!!

More later….



4 thoughts on “It’s been a while…

  1. Hello Toni! I feel deeply touched by what you are going through and pray that God may grant you the grace to come out of this soon. Though distance keeps us apart, feel me by you and my hand on your shoulder. May today be better than yesterday!

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