A follow up to College Post..

I wanted to write a quick follow up to my previous post because I would never want to mislead anyone and I am certainly no expert, just a home schooling mom who was able to find a way to send her kids to college.

If wanting to pursue higher education, such as a Masters’ Degree, or a Ph. D., there is usually No Other Way to do this except by securing student loans. The exception to this is if you are entering a ‘Program’, such as one that offers a Teaching degree that will take 5 years, but the student will graduate with a Masters’ Degree. There is some financial aid and scholarships for cases like this, but if you are not accepted into a ‘program’ such as this, the Masters’ degree or Ph.D will have to be obtained by loans or money (who has cash for that?) Not me!!  But hopefully some people were better prepared for the future than I was and have college funds.

Just wanted to clarify the previous post….

Get those pencils sharpened and Be Educated!!


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