Good-bye Laundry Mat

Some of my followers have read my stories about the Laundry Mat. I really do meet the most amazing people there!  Old and young, middle aged, all ages and all colors of people and I am blessed to have had so wonderful conversations while feeding the machines quarters and waiting for clothes to wash and then dry…..

Yesterday the hubs was at his favorite Big Box Hardware store and saw a ‘Scratch and Dent’ Washing Machine on sale for the Labor Day Weekend. Unbeknownst to me, he took on an extra job building a very small deck this weekend. I was upset because I was looking forward to him being home. However, he is using the small amount of money he is making to buy a Washing Machine!

I  have had love-hate relationships with washing machines for years. When the first front loader came out a million years ago, I of course Had to Have it. (we had money then)….It lasted a few years and then of course as the machines were improved, I bought another. The last front loader I had lasted about eight years. It was a ‘scratch and dent’ as well and it always had holes in the gaskets. The ones made today have a protective seal so that the gaskets don’t get “poked” and have holes in them. The hubs must have replaced gaskets five times. Before we moved to the country the hubs tinkered and fiddled with it, taking it apart and putting it back together and sadly announced it was Over. Off to the Dump. So I started taking laundry out to the laundry mat. In my former town, I only lived about five minutes away from a nice modern laundry mat so I did not mind. People minded their own business and I had few conversations.

When I moved to the country I have to drive about five miles to wash clothes, but it isn’t so bad. I do spend about 40.00 a week which is a lot of money I think to wash clothes. That’s just in quarters. Not counting detergent and such.

The washing machine that the hubs bought is not a good brand name, in fact it has terrible reviews and it is a top loader so I will need a stool because I am so short!!  However, I am so happy to have it. We were thinking of purchasing a used one some day, but then you never know if it’s going to work and there are no returns. So this one will do nicely. If it is as awful as the reviews say, if it lasts only a year it will save money.

The laundry room is situated on an old back porch that was enclosed in the Fixer Upper. The floor was showing through to the ground and the hubs had to put sub floor down before I had a hissy fit. He still has the room to drywall, floor, and fiddle with the plumbing. I won’t be able to use the machine for a few weeks. I do have my old dryer. It makes a terrible noise. It must have gotten tossed around somehow in the move. It still works though and heats up and the hubs plans to tinker with it.

Soon I will only be going to the laundry mat only to take out large items….

I am so thankful for a washing machine!  I feel like “la-de-dah” I have a Cadillac!!  Doesn’t take much to make me happy. The nicest thing  about it  is saving money in the long run, and Everyone can do Their Own Laundry!! (no babies anymore)!!

I have a few more weeks going to the Mat so will make sure that I make them count. I will miss the conversations and wonderful people I meet there!!


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