Heirloom Journals…

I purchased two Heirloom Journals last year for both of my grandchildren. They have just been sitting here. I decided a few days ago that I may as well get started on them. The books have about 100 pages. You can tell stories about yourself, about the parent of the grandchild, about the hopes and dreams you have for them and add pictures. I can’t find any pictures so just wrote the journals. My fingers really hurt afterward! I am so used to typing that I was surprised that actually Writing in Longhand hurt so much!!

I revisited memories that I have and most of them were sweet and good. Then I started thinking that the grandchildren will never read the books and maybe it was a waste of my time. I decided that even if they don’t read them, at least I have the stories and facts on paper. I have had many questions about my family history over the years and would have loved to have had a book or journal or diary from a grandparent that I could have read. I like old journals and diaries.

Then I thought I should really look for pictures but many of things are still in storage, the pictures being one of them. I did start scrap booking years ago and if either grandchild wants to see them, I keep them on a lower shelf. I don’t scrap book anymore because it is expensive and for many years lost interest, however, they are here just the same. Many of the grown children still enjoy them. Perhaps the grandchildren will one day as well. Then I thought that my granddaughter is 15 and could probably care less because she is enjoying high school so much and does she really care what her grandmother wrote down for her? My grandson is only a year old in a week or so and we won’t read it anyway for years. By that time, the journal could be lost or put away and forgotten. I just felt compelled to write them and get them out of my way…..That may sound mean but it isn’t meant to mean. I just wanted to write things down and give them out and forget about it. One of those pesky things that I meant to do for a year and never did….

I revisited my memories of my beloved Mom and Dat and other relatives that I miss….I also revisited the memories of my older children, whose children I was writing to….Surprisingly, no tears were shed, just smiles….



3 thoughts on “Heirloom Journals…

  1. How can it be mean to do something thoughtful for your grandkids? The fact that you want it done is perfectly reasonable given it is hard to do. But you are persisting and that is wonderful. They will be read and treasured some day!

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  2. I was thinking mean thoughts. Like they probably wouldn’t care about them anyway…that kind of thing. However, you are right. It is good that I did it. Maybe they will want to read of their past, their mommies and daddies someday. I feel better for doing it! They are already in the mail! Thank you! You can tell I am ‘down’ a bit these days…

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