Home Schooling and me..

Even though I have not been well, school must go on! Part of home schooling is teaching your child to drive. I have always used the same online “classroom course” for the past six years and have never had a problem. However, we did have cable internet.

About a month ago, when I was in throes of sickness, the course changed servers. I really don’t understand “computer or tech speak” but went online with the administrator while he tried desperately  to troubleshoot. It took over two hours and I was running back and forth to the bathroom, muttering, “Please God” because I didn’t want to get sick the entire time, off and on of course. There was a mute button so thank goodness the administrator did not hear my complaints…Final Verdict?  We don’t have enough ‘band width’ on satellite whatever that means. I already paid for the course so decided yesterday to go to a coffee shop that provided wifi and they have cable internet. Of course the the class worked. The concern is that they play their music so loud, and there are many distractions with people walking in out, chatting, etc.  So I am going to check out the library. We luckily have two libraries within about ten miles of us. My son drove me yesterday so I did not have deal with driving.

I am feeling better but not 100% and have another gastro doc to see next week. I really dread it, but am “soldiering on” trying to get back into the swing of things.

The youngest who is going to be 16 next month is not concerned one bit about the course. He figures he can’t drive on his own until he is 16 and 3 months which means he does not concern himself about it Now. However, he is also Very Lazy. What he can’t get though his Thick Head is that once he finishes this course, he still has to take Behind the Wheel with a state approved company. He also does not care that he will be Driving in the Snow. They may not even take him out driving if the weather is bad.

I really don’t care even a little bit if he gets his license in January of 2017 or not. However, He Will Care, and I want to get it Done!!  That way, I can focus on other aspects of his curriculum. Who knows what will happen in the next few months anyway?  More sickness? Surgery?

I really don’t understand why He can’t understand that we need to Move Forward when Mom is having a Better day than Yesterday!!

Then again, he is the typical teen boy that hates school. These boys are everywhere, in public and private schools. They just don’t like school and can’t see the impact that their education Now will have on their continued education in the Future!

Arhhh!  So frustrating!!  However, I am pushing through….

I just keep telling myself:  One More Year!!  (then off to community college with him)!!

Guiding him to sit for his G.E.D. and then helping him to enroll in community college is a feat in and of itself. Especially when one does not Like nor Care about School. What he says is, “Whatever”…..I say, “Let’s get on with it”!!

Selfishly, I am ready to be Done with Home schooling!!



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