Kudos to the husband

I rarely write about my hubs nor our marriage. It’s not I have anything to hide, it’s just that my marriage isn’t that interesting to write about. I don’t mean that in a bad way. We just had all the mushy stuff years ago and have worked through many Tough Problems but who wants to hear about that?

This time I will make an exception. He must have been pretty worried, but will of course never admit it– to see me lying in bed most of the summer, not caring about anything, getting sick literally, taking me to doctors, and of course the Enemy:  Diverticulitis. I was not getting any better but only had a low fever and blood work did not indicate any Big Problem. Still not getting better.

Two weeks ago, He Took Control.

Normally I would fight him on this because I am a Control Freak, but in the throes of illness, I really didn’t care. He walked me around the yard once a day. He started Cooking Me Breakfast, knowing I did not want to eat. Sitting with me until I did to make sure I would not get sick. Going to the Store, buying things that were easy to get down the hatch and did not take any effort to prepare. (open, down the hatch, easy…) He has taken over Three Meals A Day for me, baking me potatoes Every Night on the grill, then sitting with me to make sure I eat. This is the fifth week of my recovery and he has even overseen my fiber intake, making sure I don’t take too much, nor too little. Texting and calling me while he is at work, making sure I Am Okay. Doing estimates for me. Taking out the trash, trying to anticipate any thing I may want done around the house, Doing the Dishes.  He shows no sign of stopping.

I have to say that this has Never Happened in over 25 years of marriage. I was always the One to take care of Others when they were sick. I have never seen him care for Me. He would always care for me when I had teeth extracted, or a few days when I had C-Section a long time ago. Usually my Mom was around or my Mother in Law. He has also gone to the older children living at home and instructed them on Helping their Mother and not doing chores Half Way….

Hmmm……really weird In A Good Way……guess he really does care about me!! I truly appreciate all he has done, and is still doing, especially after working so hard all day. I feel guilty about that…


10 thoughts on “Kudos to the husband

  1. O Dear! He is a gentleman. I know that you have done your bit over the past years but I guess now it is his turn to tell you that he cares. The way you have explained him, he really is very sweet and kind. And so are you my dear. I truly hope that you recover soon and you both have a wonderful and healthy life ahead!

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  2. Thank you so much! What is weird in a good way, is that he is always the “worker”, “provider”, the “manly man”…I never saw him cooking and cleaning and shopping!! Sometimes over the past 25 years I wondered if he really cared about me because he was always so busy and I was too….But he really stepped up to the plate the past few months and I must say, I am genuinely thankful to him and for him. Without his help, I might not be sitting at this computer right now! He has always been a gentleman. He always opens doors for everyone, teaches our sons how to treat a lady and he has great respect for women. We have butted heads over the years because I am such a Strong and Independent woman and he is very old fashioned. He is the King of Chivalry. When younger, I would give an eye roll, but now I am hugging him instead!!

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  3. Wow, what an awesome husband you have! He must have been worried about you if he is stepping up in this fashion…doing things he hasn’t done. I agree with your other commenters…relax and enjoy this outpouring of love. I understand the guilt thing but try to get used to the shoe on the other foot, it is good for you to accept it and him to do it. Marriage is supposed to work like this…when one is down the other steps into the breach to help lift them back up. Wishing you a speedy remission of the diverticulitis and the return of days when you feel better. =) Great post my friend.

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