What I do with my To Do Lists…

I have always had “To Do Lists” as long as I can remember. While in school, I did make lists of assignments coming up, deadlines, and possible topics that I had to research. I of course did not have a fancy journal or organizer, just a notebook but it served it’s purpose.

When one is sick, a To Do List gets thrown out the window, so to speak, except for doctors’ visits….However, my Day-timer, (yes, my young readers, I still use one)! is filled each day with things that need to be done. I don’t use my phone for lists or notes like my wizard children because I don’t know how to do it nor do I want to. I don’t use the calendar feature either. What if I lose my phone? What if something happens with technology? That’s why I use a Day-timer.

I go through each day and try and to accomplish what I can. In the old days, when I was young, my lists would cause great anxiety. There just was not enough hours in a day to get everything done! I would literally feel my body tense and it hurt all day. Sounds crazy but that’s what anxiety can do to a person.

Over the summer, being so sick with one thing or another, I just go over the list, and whatever doesn’t get accomplished, I move it to the next day. I also prioritize. For example, bills Have to be paid, so I just move them to the next day if I don’t feel like paying them. I do the same thing with everything on my List. It’s worked out well. It takes stress off of my shoulders and made me realize that many things on each day’s list can really Wait and Wait and Wait. Very few things on my list are a Must!!

Good lesson to learn and one that I intend to keep on doing!!


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