Happy Thought….

My prayer life has been better the last few months. I am praying more deeply than I have in some time. I am one of those, “wing and prayer” people….I am not happy about that. I become a Prayer Warrior when asked for prayer. However, I have been praying for certain family members more deeply. One of those is #6.

He is the youngest, almost 16. He has often received the short end of the stick because I have always prioritized as to who Needs me the Most and some how he was down on the list. He was never particularly needy, he always had his siblings to play with and was a pretty happy kid. He attended a Christian school before we started home schooling and had many friends and did well and just did not seem to need much ‘mommy time’. Of course he received plenty of loving and nurturing as a baby and toddler. I am talking once he was school aged.  Since the nest is emptying fast, he is often alone, and for a good while, he preferred it that way. He loved his Cable Internet.  It is not something I am proud of. In fact, I am appalled at myself and have been praying for discernment so that I can somehow have a better relationship with him..Me being his teacher is not helpful because he Hates School of Any Kind…..

However the Happy Thought is this:

Each night for the past week or so, he comes in my room and hugs me For No Reason and says, “I love you Mom”…..

I’m not complaining!!


2 thoughts on “Happy Thought….

  1. so sweet. I don’t know what to say but I really loved to read this. Yet to be Mom, I can tell you something from a child’s point of view, we will always love our mothers, no matter what. You as mom, go through so much. And we know what you do to us is for our own benefit. Somehow I can understand how necessary it becomes to prioritize. Setting priorities makes things easy but it surely doesn’t mean a mother can discriminate between her own children. That is absurd. I prefer not to speak much, I am sorry if I already have but I was touched reading this post. Thanks.

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