Homeschooling, math and me…

Yesterday I was reading a Math Blog. That’s really weird because I hate math but love those that understand it. I have always had a problem with understanding all math except the elementary grades.

The hubs has always taught Math for homeschooling, but this year, he has bowed out. His job is really hard as a contractor/builder/flooring and I understand that it is taxing on his body. However, he is also a geek that loves computers and work on them and not surprising, he can do math in his head.  We are doing Geometry this year and he said he really doesn’t remember it and does not want to ‘re learn’ it. So that leaves me in a pickle.

I have checked into the prices of tutors and we just can’t afford it. Our math curriculum is designed to be self taught but #6 Hates School and is Lazy, Lazy….I have three other options. One is to purchase a Math CD which he is not thrilled about. Another is a website that is known to be good, and he said he will try and learn on his own and know that the Math Site, as well as the CD is a back up. #4 is also really good at math and has graciously offered her time to teach this year, but she is currently job hunting and has a boyfriend and I don’t want to burden her. Once the curriculum arrives, I will give it all to her and see if she thinks she can handle the commitment of teaching. If not, we will try the other back ups.

I am a little nervous about it. I have had to take off a year of community college due to my son’s heart disease and my inability to cope, the move, and now the diverticulitis and upcoming doctors’ appointments, including a colon surgeon. I can’t be in recovery for a long time….

It will take a great deal of convincing for me to have the surgery. I have thought much about it and it’s not that I am afraid per se of a colon resection, I am just concerned about the success rate as well as the down time. I have heard from people who have had this surgery and they have lost their jobs because they were out so long in recovery.

My situation is different because I am self employed, but I really need to be on my toes to complete this final year with #6, as well as be available if #5 should need any unexpected surgeries (heart)….to add to my concerns I don’t want to put any more burdens on the hubs. He works so hard and has taken over so many of the household duties……I am praying for discernment as to whether or not I should have this surgery.

Back to Math (I don’t know why I go on bunny trails)….as I was perusing this Math Blog I was envious in a good way. Oh to be able to understand Math!! All of triangles and squares and formulas shown made my head hurt. I had to take remedial math classes just to be able to obtain a degree and two of the classes I had to take twice!!  I spoke with my professor and he thinks I have a learning disability (for real) like dyslexia for Math.He had some big word for it. I have been told that by two professors. Both were very gracious and I attended office hours for extra help, but it taxed my brain!!

I am going to continue this reading this Math blog because it is interesting to me although I don’t understand a word of it….The words I understand, not the math but maybe I can learn something!  Home schooling is such a Huge Responsibility!!

Math is another Life enemy. Here is the irony:  I use basic math every day in my work!!



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