So easy to please….

So easy to please….that’s me these days. The hubs brought home the new washing machine last night and of course the old plumbing hook ups in the fixer upper were so old that they leaked at first and then they broke.

Off to the Big Box Hardware store the hubs went…he picked up parts, fixed the plumbing problems and then washed a load of clothes. Luckily they were his work clothes. The water came out a horrible shade of brown….It was because the water has not been used in that part of the house for years. He just washed them again and…wonderful….clear water!  The hubs is really handy and he Loves Home Improvement so the Fixer Upper is right up his alley!!

Prior to hooking it up, he tore out all the drywall and cleaned behind the studs because the wall was moldy and he knew I would be screaming my head off. The rest of the ‘laundry room’ which also serves double duty as a storage room for his equipment until he builds a shed in the spring needs a bit more drywall taken out. The other walls are fine, they can just be cleaned and painted.

Amazing!  I had no idea that he would be able to do all of that in one night, but he did! Today I can actually wash clothes without going to the mat!  The other almost grown children do not know this, but they are going to get “laundry lessons” today on how to work the machine and be responsible for doing their own laundry.  I taught all of the others, and these two boys will learn as well. One already knows how, the youngest is Lazy and pretends he can’t work a washing machine, but give him a computer and his fingers are flying over the keys like a wizard. Surely the washer can’t be that complicated for him! The hubs is off today so he will be giving the lessons so I won’t have to contend with the boys’ inattention and laziness. The washer is not a great brand and we want to make sure that they don’t break it.

I have always raised the children to be responsible for themselves and I would not want them to go off to college or worse yet wanting a wife to do their laundry when they are perfectly capable of doing it themselves!  One less chore for me!!

I feel like I just received a great new car or a diamond ring!!  The simple things really matter these days and I am officially “low maintenance’ according to the hubs!!

Go me!



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