The Enemy: My Shih-Tzu

Since my Shih-Tzu bit me in July and caused a terrible infection and more antibiotics, I have called him, “The Enemy” and have not been mean to him, just ignore him completely. I was grooming him and I guess he was scared or mad. He is old so he tends to be grouchy.

Yesterday #4 was hauling big buckets outside and I thought it was so funny because it is really hard to bathe a dog without a hose outside!  He sat in the buckets for her like a perfect gentleman!!  He didn’t growl or show his teeth, nor thank goodness, he didn’t bite!

She did not groom him for fear he might bite again but he does look lovely with a bath. What a rascal!



4 thoughts on “The Enemy: My Shih-Tzu

  1. We had a cat who attacked during fits, in between I can’t describe her behaviour except remorse and trying to win back trust. An aggressive or bossy animal needs to be put in their place, but if there is a reason or its a one off… Let him give you a cuddle sorry!

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  2. I just love my animals!! However, I take it personally when they do something mean. I shouldn’t. They aren’t people. However, I have found over the years that my animals are sometimes more friends to me than people!! Cuddles are always a good idea!! Thank you!

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