The mindless hours of television..

All summer I have been sick with one thing or the other, most from the antibiotics that I took for the ‘one thing or other’…That leaves one with trouble focusing on anything but their health, getting sick, getting nothing accomplished….not wanting to write, nor read because one is so sick. That only leaves the television….

With all of the ridiculous channels I have on satellite (hate satellite) you would think that there would be Something Interesting on…Nope.

I have watched the silliest shows. I could not even get through most of them—they were that dumb. I tried watching the cooking shows which I used to enjoy but I Hate food and don’t want to watch anyone cooking it. I loved the travel channel but that held no interest for me either. The Fixer Upper shows are an insult to me because I live in a True Fixer Upper and believe me, it’s Nothing like the shows about them. Not when you actually live in it. The end result may be beautiful if you have time and money, but we don’t have either…it’s a Challenge …but one I am thankful to have.

I have also spent endless hours watching the news. I have watched local news, the ‘big 2 cable/network news outlets,’– and even foreign news. Politics, politics, politics. So boring. You can only hear the same thing so many times before you get bored with it. It’s like watching two kids on the play ground throwing rocks at each other. They need a Time Out! I do not remember such foolishness in a political campaign in my lifetime.

The ‘real news’ is not hardly shown anymore. You really have to read the ‘ticker’ at the bottom of the page to get ‘real news’.  Never any good news either. Maybe a few human interest happy stories thrown in….

Most times, I keep the news on low and it’s become great to fall asleep to…it puts me right out!!


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