Writing a book…

I know that many in the blogging world have actually published a book. I have been working on mine for too many years. I wrote the book in only a few days long hand, can you believe that?

Then I went back ‘in’ and did some research to back up the historical events that are in the book. I really thought I had it all figured out until I started second guessing myself and editing. Then I had to learn to use a flash drive, jump drive, whatever..I know like really? Am I that technologically challenged?  Yes! Then I had to type it all up. I worried it wasn’t really a book at all, maybe a story…I second guessed myself about the antagonist, the protagonist— I tried to get my family to be my ‘readers’ but they weren’t really that interested…Well maybe they were interested but they didn’t want to read a few chapters at a time….One of the children and her boyfriend said they would be my ‘readers’ but then they got busy and are on again, off again, so I’m steering by myself…..

I keep changing the best character to commit the crime. Of course it’s a mystery so there has to be a crime, right?  I had given myself a deadline in May but then illness has Ruled My Life all summer so that’s not going to happen. Now I have to start home schooling again and that is really a Priority so I have just been rattling ideas around in my head.

I really have no idea how to publish it. I have read about submissions, and all of that stuff, but really Do Not Know How To Do It!!  I also have limited funds and none of them are for getting my book published! They are strictly for Bills!! What to do?

This book is so dear to me, not because it is the first one I have written, nor the fact that I have wanted to write For Real all my life, but it is really funny as well as a mystery that No One Has Written about before….in fact, if I would not have spent with my head thrown back cackling in glee it would probably be finished already. Good thing I am really writing it for myself and enjoyment, with No Great Expectations…..

You know what I mean…..forensic pathologists…there are many. Big bad ex military dudes…there are many. Vets solving crimes, lawyers solving crimes, chefs solving crimes…there are many…..

This particular book is Different….

I hate outlines so did not use one, but I do have a “list”.  I just need to take a day or two, go someplace other than Home, and Finish the doggone thing! I need to completely edit the 40K words or so. I have messed up so many things….Then I need to figure out who committed the crime and quit Killing People….But it’s so much fun!!  (not literally of course)….

I also have two more books in the works but they are just ”in the works”, a few paragraphs, a twinkle in my eye, not even Close to Development….







8 thoughts on “Writing a book…

  1. If you are writing for fun and don’t want to spend any money on publishing, you could self-publish on Amazon for Kindle. This is free to the writer. And people without Kindles can read your book on their laptop or tablet/phone.

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  2. Sounds so interesting! I tried to outline and gave up, now I’ve lost track so I’ve got a little bit of structure again but it is so fun to simply write and see what happens as the words flow…. Best of luck getting your book published. Why not try kindle scout? It is probably the way I will go when my book is done. “Kindle Scouts” i.e. amazon kindle readers nominate book summaries and then Amazon decide if they wish to publish the most popular books. If they select you then you will be paid a lump sum and royalties. Also Amazon will publicize your book. It’s completely free too. Let me know if you decide to look into Kindle Scout. I’m a scout and would nominate you 🙂

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