Anxiety and me…

Today I was very anxious because of my upcoming appointment tomorrow with the gastroenterology doctor. However, I went to work and then ran errands, stopping at the store, the post office, unloading groceries…This is Week 6 of my diverticulitis recovery.

I was actually too busy to be sick. I still don’t feel like I am operating on all cylinders, but I have to admit that I was too busy to be anxious after I got on the road.

The weather was beautiful, I couldn’t help but notice the balmy breeze, the warmth of the sun, and the beautiful blue skies with big fluffy clouds. I raced home because of my anxiety, it was riding shotgun but it didn’t ‘get to me’ like it usually does…

Guess I’m feeling better if I’m too busy to be sick!

Go me!

Down with Anxiety!


6 thoughts on “Anxiety and me…

  1. I think I always had anxiety, probably stems from being taken from my grandparents when a child. It did not manifest itself in my body until I turned 27. I have been struggling for over 20 years and have tried many ways to conquer!! Not quite there yet, it’s an almost daily battle but I still soldier on!!


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