The Cries ….

I met the nicest lady the other day. She was in the grocery store and tears were just rolling down her face. We both checked out at the same time and we were both in the parking lot unloading our carts.

I guessed she was in her late 30’s to early 40’s. I asked her what was wrong. She said she didn’t know! She was just crying and crying….I went to my car and opened the door and handed her some tissues. I asked her to forgive me for being so forward, but asked her if she had missed any periods, or if they were ‘here and there’ lately. She finally stopped crying and looked at me in surprise.

“Yes!!, How did you know?”, she asked. I told her that if there was not anything definitively wrong in her life (she said there wasn’t), and if her periods were weird, it could be that she is entering the glorious (sarcastic) Periomenopause….she asked me what it was and I told her. I suggested she contact her ob/gyn….She said she would. We talked for quite a while and she felt better.

Boy do I ever know what she is going through!! Poor thing….but I assured it would pass. Promised her even. She got right on the phone and made an appointment with her doctor thank goodness because I wouldn’t want to give out any bad advice, but I have a sneaking suspicion, tingling at the back of my neck that she was experiencing perio….

I didn’t dare tell her about the Throes of Menopause, but suggested she check out some books at the library and read about it. That way she will be informed and perhaps even buy one or two online. That way she can refer back to them when she gets ‘befuddled’….it helped me to have a few of those books on my shelves!!

The joy of being of a woman!!


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