Doctors we need them we love them…

I am always encouraging One of my kids to go into the medical field because I think that we need good doctors, researchers and the like….Today I had my appointment with the gasto doc and once again I was worried for nothing because they had no records at all about me.

When I first made the appointment, I was told by the receptionist that they would send for my scans and reports and such from the nearby hospital. Today I was told that in order for them to do that, I would have had to sign a release. I Was Not told this when I made the appointment….arrgh!

I visited with a Nurse Practitioner, not the Doctor. Their policy is that for the patient to see the Nurse Practitioner first, then the doctor later. She was very nice, but horribly uninformed because their office Had None of my Records.  So frustrating….She answered quite a few of my questions, but then again, I could not get the answers I needed because she did not have the reports She needed.

It could be looked upon as a waste of time, but I did not look at it that way. Instead, now I have a gastro doc that I can see if I need one.

All of my information will have to come from the surgeon that I am seeing on Monday. I called his office and double checked that they had all the scans and reports that they need. Of course the person responsible for getting these reports was not there. Thus, a message was left and hopefully a return call tomorrow… primary doc was supposed to send over everything. My regular doc is ‘linked’ with any of the docs associated with the Huge Hospital Complex that the surgeon is ‘attached to’….so complicated….

At any rate, the term, “elective surgery” was mentioned several times today and if that is the case and I am not considered, “high risk” or “a complicated case” I Will Not be getting surgery….However, I may need another colonoscopy (gross) because I was told today that there should be a pathology report and the last gastro doc did not send out anything for culturing. (removed 6 polyps–gross)..she said to see her in 10 years…I didn’t think anything of it…until today of course.

Anxiety tried to tap dance a bit in my tummy but I am just not in the mood for Anxiety today. They also took my blood and that always makes me nervous. Again, Anxiety Meter is quite low which is unusual. I think I have been feeling like Yuck for so long I just don’t care. I just want to get back on my feet because I have so much to do!!

I guess that’s a good thing!


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