A Girl in love…

I know a young woman that is 21 years old. She met this terrific guy, the same age as she is, about four months ago. They had a wonderful two months together. They went everywhere together, had tremendous fun, and then things started to change…

He began to tell his friends things about her that weren’t very nice. He says things to her that hurts her feelings. This young woman is formerly educated, he is not. She has a job, he hardly goes in to work. She has dreams and aspirations. He has none. She is kind and loving and would never purposely hurt another. She is hurting. She thinks she loves him and maybe she does. He is not good for her.

I had the opportunity to speak with him yesterday. I told him to stop throwing the “love” word around because it raises her expectations. Why say it if you don’t mean it? If you do mean it, why would you purposely say things that hurt your beloved?  I don’t get it. Does he just want sex? He could get that from any girl that just wants to “hook up”…(those silly dating sites popular in the college arena)….He is not even good looking. He doesn’t have a thing to offer her in terms of a future. He is still reliving his high school glory days.  I like the good parts of him, but can’t stand him the more I get to know him. I know that isn’t nice and it isn’t any of my business.

This young woman is my friend and I feel so bad for her. I don’t feel sorry for her. She is too smart to be treated like this. However, who can judge the heart? No one. She will have to learn on her own. I only hope that once this toxic relationship ends, (I am fairly sure it will) that she doesn’t put up walls that are Too High for someone else who will appreciate her and love her for  who she is….

Ah, young love….sometimes it does hurt us so….Yes I remember those days….


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