Am I losing too much weight??

I wrote a post earlier this week stating that I was afraid that I was losing Too Much Weight. A few months ago, I decided to go on a New Eating Plan….that never came to fruition because I have Sick the entire Summer, since April really….

I went to the gastro doc this week and received my blood work, slightly elevated white count (12)….always a little high, who knows why?  I was weighing myself at home on an older scale and it was showing the numbers dropping and dropping at an alarming rate. Normally I would be So Happy!!  But in lieu of the recent diverticulitis, I was Sure something was Terribly Wrong. Anxiety was poking and prodding me and I have been pretty busy this week in my 6th week of recovery….I have been pushing Anxiety’s ugly head Down and then stomping on Anxiety for good measure. I don’t need Anxiety kicking me around right now….

I got on the doctor’s scale and I am Not Losing Weight at an alarming rate. The scale was old and went through the move in March, so probably is broken. I can not remember a time when I was Glad not to be losing so much weight!! (I am throwing the scale away!)

I would rather lose it the old fashioned way — eating wisely and exercise!!

Whew! What a relief!

Kicked Anxiety in the Butt!!

9 thoughts on “Am I losing too much weight??

  1. I’m so glad to hear everything is ok with you, being the first post I’ve been able to read in a while, I was a bit concerned for you… But, I am glad to hear you are ok. Is their a specific prognosis on the high white cells though?

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    • I am in the 6th week of recovery from diverticulitis…seeing a surgeon on Monday but don’t think I am going to have surgery unless it’s absolutely necessary!! My white count is always a bit elevated. Once you have any kind of problem with intestines or colon (gross) there is always inflammation, and a white count can rise from a hang nail. Really!!


      • I can totally understand that… I was adopted at 13, but I just recently got caught up on my family history due to some health complications with myself and not knowing what was wrong. Out of nowhere I got hit with a really weird version of IBS, where certain foods trigger… Mostly dairies and stuff… But I don’t have a dairy allergy… It’s crazy…
        But, I’m glad to hear you are recovering.
        Lemme know how everything goes! Or I’ll read the blog!

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      • Yes, it is crazy. Nickeydubstep!! Thank you! I never thought I would have to deal with something so weird….food is now my enemy. Never knowing what I can and can not eat. Have battled this for about six years. However, (you probably already know this) but since you are young, can’t help but give gentle advice: Always stay hydrated and keep the poop (gross) plumbing moving. The times when we are bound up is the most awful thing for those of us that suffer from tummy issues. Me and antibiotics and painkillers such as for teeth problems Do Not Get Along and helped to trigger this recent flare up..Gross and Yuck!!


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