Homeschooling & me…a Book….

A few years ago, our curriculum called for reading a Book about the Native Americans who were Already Here when the European Countries started to colonize America. This book featured characters that were trying to get along with the Foreign Invaders.

One of the Native Americans could not understand why the colonists would build a house, then move in and then start to build outbuildings. Their out buildings held their “stuff”. Extra furniture, things that we would today call, “storage”. Things that were not needed to till a field, nor hitch a horse, nor used for daily living.

This book was not unique to my son who was reading it. It touched me in such a way that I began to de-clutter my life as well as my house. It made such perfect sense!  Why keep things we do not need?  I know that some of us are collectors of some kind. We enjoy collecting. But sometimes it gets to be too much. I have given away or sold all of my collections. I resist buying anything I don’t need for daily living. (I don’t have extra money to buy those “things” anyway)…

I explained my perspective to my son, but he was not really interested. He said that people like their “stuff” and there is nothing wrong with keeping it. I agreed, but tried to teach him the principle of living simply off the land and not continuously chasing after “something better” or “something more”. Not that I am against dreams or aspirations to better oneself, nor one’s lifestyle. I am not against it at all. He really didn’t understand my fascination with this book….

I started paying more attention to nature as the book suggested the Native American family featured in the book did. For example, seeing beauty in trees, a sunset, a sunrise, in a field of corn or wheat or soybeans….(I never took the time before, was always Too Busy)…

I don’t remember the title of the book as it was a children’s book. We have read so many over the years!!  It really influenced my life since we read it!!

Life changing!!


2 thoughts on “Homeschooling & me…a Book….

  1. Thank you! Many of Their teachings are so life changing if we follow them! I One of my children is 1/4 Native American and I spent a great deal of time with his father’s family as a teen. My former mother in law was a type of medicine woman. She would simply go outside, pull roots of some sort, make poultices, and heal her family. I wish I would have thought to ask her to teach me. She was awesome!!


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