In my mind, I am She….

This is how I picture myself in my mind:

My dark brown hair is once again long, below my shoulders, curling down my back in it’s own unique and unruly way. I wear some kind of tunic that looks like leather, but it is very comfortable, and has some kind of plates for protection sewn in. I wear some kind of soft leggings, again with plates sewn in for protection. I wear no other adornment except my sword. I am an expert swords-woman. I am always astride a huge horse, perhaps 18 hands. Sometimes he is brown, sometimes black, never white. I wear boots and  they are quite fashionable!! I carry arrows and a bow on my back and I am a great shot. I never miss. My golden brown eyes (they really are a strange golden kind of brown) are Fearless. Always. No Fear. No Anxiety. Ever. I don’t know where I live, but I suspect I live in some kind of encampment or a cave of some sort. Wherever I live, it is never cold. I hate the cold. I am always young again. I have no mate. I have no time nor need for one, but I yearn for one. I am Strong. I am In Charge. I don’t know who I am in charge of, but it must People or a Tribe or a Clan. I am sometimes fighting off enemies, but they never reveal themselves in my mind’s eye. I am kind to my People. I love them with all of my heart. They never show themselves in my mind, but I know that there are people of all ages that I am responsible for. I am a Leader but I don’t want to be. I have never failed and failure never crosses my mind. Someone must have trained me and I suspect it must have been an ancestor that has passed. I fight many battles, but I don’t know who I am fighting. I am fighting for Good. Never evil. I have killed but only because I had to. I have a pack of dogs that are loyal to me and seem to understand my commands. They follow me everywhere. The children and young people I am in charge of sometimes play games and are happy. I am not not always so serious. I have fun to, and most of the time, I am content.

I am this fierce, independent Warrior Woman that has a soft heart…..

in my mind.


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