Burn’in Rubber

I was literally burning rubber yesterday!  Went to the store to pick up meds about six miles away. I felt a strange rumble in the car and Anxiety told me it was the Engine. I panicked of course; I certainly do not have the money for costly repairs.

Luckily I was close to home. The noise became worse and the smell coming from the car was horrific. I cautiously pulled over on a winding country road. It’s not even a road that has marked lanes and people Never go the speed limit. They fly like they are on an interstate. I put on my flashers and fell in a ditch!

I looked at the tire. Oh boy!!  Blown and Flat….

Called the hubs. He is hard of hearing and his phone is old and doesn’t ring very loud so I knew it was useless. I tried my son Who Never Answers His Phone. No answer. I really was afraid to keep driving although I was close to home. I drove less than 5 mph to a nearby farm and kept my flashers on and locked the doors.

I began walking home. I was only about 2 miles away. Last year it wouldn’t have been a big deal. But in my 6th week of recovery from my enemy, Diverticulitis, I did not want to walk that far in the Scorching Heat. I did start walking and suddenly my phone rang..

The hubs was on his way!! Yeah!!  He happened to look at his phone and see several missed calls from me…. I was so happy that I did not have to push myself….He took the tire off and replaced it with a donut in the trunk which took him all of ten minutes. If I tried to change it, I would have been there for hours….He then took the old tire and had a new tire mounted and put it back on the car.

He really has been my Knight in Shining Armor lately…..

So glad it was a Tire and not the Engine!!  (stupid Anxiety)


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