Heirloom Journals…

A former post that I had written this past week told all about me writing in an Heirloom Journal that I picked up last year for my grand-kids. Several of my blogging buddies commented that they would appreciate them and most likely read them. I had my doubts but hoped that they would.

My granddaughter just turned 15. She received hers on Wednesday of this past week. Lo and behold, I received text messages from her all Wednesday evening. There are 100 pages in these books. They are set up with prompts which lead you to write about your life, your children’s lives, favorite colors, dreams, aspirations, all kinds of things….

She was amazed that we are so alike and she has many of the same goals and dreams that I had as a teenager.  I was shocked!  I figured she would probably throw it in the closet for “some day”….

She would read something, text me about it and tell me what page she was on. She is reading it each day and continuing to text me.  Lovely!

She also told me that she was Thrilled that I wrote this for her….Who knew?  She is so busy with friends and school and sports that I really did not think that she would care about her old Habu (her name for me)….She only lives about 40 minutes from me but she is usually running up and down the roads. I decided Wednesday night that as I recover, I am going to Make A Point of visiting with her at her convenience at Least Once a Month and jot her a hand written note once a week and send it in the mail. Who doesn’t love getting mail now and then??

This is just my way of staying in touch with the little ones that have grown up so fast.

The funniest thing of all is that one of the prompts is, “What is your favorite movie?” I have many. But one of my All Time Favorites, which I keep recorded, is The Parent Trap. My granddaughter and I must have watched that move over 500 times. She texted me that it is Still Her Favorite Movie of All Time because we used to watch it together when she was little, cuddled up on the couch…just the two of us….(and we never got tired of it!!)

My sweet Lexie…..




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