Procrastinator? Me?

I think I am turning into a Procrastinator. I don’t know how that happened. I used to get everything done and have all of these lists, checking things off as they were accomplished…Anyone remember The Rug Rats?  I was Angelica’s mom. Business woman, having babies, taking care of family….

Now that I don’t have as many family responsibilities and really have the Time to work on my book, because I don’t have to “go on the road everyday”….(maybe I will start posting about my job but it may bore you to tears)….anyway….why am I not editing and working on finishing my blankety blank book?  I am a Procrastinator (gasp!)

I know I have been sick and all but the past few weeks have been better….when I think of writing – I just do that-think. I don’t even think about My Book. I think of all of the other things I would rather be doing. Why is this happening to me I wonder?

I do have a messy book. I really need to start at page One and begin editing. I have messed up the plot completely. Add more detail or leave it alone? Quit Killing People!! (but it’s so much fun!!)  Get organized. (yuck)

Maybe it’s because we are gearing up for the Last Year of Home Schooling. (whoo hoo!) Maybe it’s because I am planning to get another job at night after I see the surgeon…on Monday. (get surgery?) Nah….I don’t want to – yet…(of course I will if Absolutely Necessary)…

Maybe it’s because I have all of these financial monkeys on my back and I have lost my concentration….or that I am In Love With Blogging and spend more time Blogging than I should…..Not only do I write, I read and read and read…..can’t get enough!! Love it!!

I am just going to have to set a date and time to get busy and finish it once and for all. Then onto publishing which I will tackle when the time comes. If I can’t get anyone to publish, will just self publish like many of my blogging buddies have suggested.

One truth is, I would really like to Really Get Published because if I could write for a living I would really be living the Dream……



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