Blogging doesn’t matter Mom

Referring to an earlier post this past week, we had trouble (again) with the internet. I purchased a few more gigs to get us through the month, but don’t really know if it will get us through until our internet ‘resets’ on satellite the beginning of October. (Thanks X Box download!!)

#6 is a gamer. He has suffered much since the move to the country. He has no cable internet and  his game that he Loved  and friends online for 8 Years are no longer part of his life. We don’t have enough ‘pings’..I don’t know what that is even though he tried to explain several times. I just don’t speak ‘gaming’….

We were hoping to rent a small office in a town close by that does have cable internet. Our thought was to move the office to the “office” so that I could work and write. #6 could do his home school work there and then play his game for a few hours….Because office space is so expensive, and in lieu of our current financial situation, that does not seem possible, although I am still looking….

He was very irritated with me because I was freaking out over not being able to get online.

I need the internet for business, first and foremost because that is what keeps food on the table. He realizes that.

He doesn’t understand my need for internet ‘ just for blogging’ . He asked me, “What’s the big deal Mom?”…..”No one cares about your stupid blogging or your stupid writing. You won’t even finish your book”…..

“Blogging is NECESSARY for my overall well being!!”, I frantically screeched (like an owl)

and of course I bought more data!


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