September 11th….

We all have stories to tell about September 11th — the day American was attacked. I did not know anyone that died that day. My heart cried for the people lost and the families left behind….

What was I doing?

I was at home when my house phone rang. My beloved mom was still alive. She said, “Turn on the television, we are getting blown up”….(she was scared and a Drama Queen First Class)….

I turned on the television, and watched in horror as I saw the events unfold. Mom lived close to Washington, D.C. I frantically called the hubs who was working in the area. I asked him to pick her up, along with her cat and Come Home!!  He was already on the way to her house.

I then called #1 who was at work. He too, was working near Washington, D.C. He had no idea what was going on because he had no television nor internet nor radio in his office. I screamed at him to Come Home!!  He left work immediately and headed west.

My daughter (in law) was still a teen with a baby. She watched the events unfold along with me, and was pacing until #1 got home. I asked her watch the younger children while I ran up to the elementary school to pick up the two that were there. She did but was really nervous about being by herself. She was afraid that we would be attacked by air.

I ran to the school which was only a few miles up the road. I stood in line to sign out my children. Many parents were already there. I was ‘on the list’ to pick up many of my friends’ children. I called each of them and told them I was picking up my children. They begged me to pick up theirs as well and take them to my house. I left the school with a van packed with children….

I was frantically trying to call my #2’s dad, because she too, lived close to Washington, D.C.  We were not on the best of terms, but he too, was on the way to her school to pick her up.

Once all of my loved ones arrived safe and sound, I put aside my fears and acted like everything was ‘normal’…fixed a big family dinner, calmed my mom down, made up the spare room for her and so forth…kept all of the younger children busy until their parents picked them up. Baked cookies (really?)…Brought out the finger paints and they made a fine mess at the dining room table but had so much fun.  I didn’t want the younger children to be scared…

Somehow we got through that day…..

People hear slogans like, “Never Forget”….Memorials have been built, commentators on the news talk about it still, and conspiracy theories run rampant.

I could not forget that day if I tried. It was terrifying. I hope we never have to go through that again. It makes me feel a special love for those living in countries with bombs going off all the time. I also respect them for not falling apart.

I am not sure if anyone in America will ever get over that terrible day…..


4 thoughts on “September 11th….

  1. I’m in Australia, I can remember watching the news about the first plane, they were still trying to work out how such an accident could happen. I watched a live feed as the 2nd hit. A teacher at my daughter’s school was in New York on holiday, but I have no idea how you coped or how you felt. Every class in my daughters’ school watched the news all day; I actually objected I’m sorry but I thought it was too depressing. It took 4 days to find out our teacher was alive. We mourned for your people, we cried for you, we marveled at the miraculous survivals and the bravery of so many people and we prayed for you. It was not just your fellow Americans who can’t forget that day, the world lost so much that day and will never be the same. ❤

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  2. Thanks for sharing about what you were doing and I was in Flroida with my two sons – anyhow / I also like how you said other countries have explosions and attacks all the time – and how glad you are to not live there – me too!
    Last comment is about how you said Americans will never forget – but I do think the coming generation will – I saw this with Pearl Harbor – my dad was very hurt over it all his life – and it stung for him – but for those who were young and not aware – well it was different – ya know!?

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