Mental health issues….

There is a person in my life that I have known for over twenty years. I won’t mention names because sometimes friends and family read my blog.

I have been this person’s friend through all kinds of bad times,  me usually being on the receiving end of hurt and disappointment. I am not able to remove this person from my life, although I want to.

This person can be nice and kind and great and wonderful. All of a sudden, this person turns into a completely different person. Bouts of depression? I don’t know. But this person is mean and nasty and makes snide remarks. No one wants to be around this person. There is no cause for this person’s treatment of others. In other words, this person is not provoked in any way.

This person snubs education, which I can not stand. It could be because this person was not able to go to college, but they certainly could take part time classes Now. Alas, this person Refuses to do Anything to better oneself.

I used to try to ‘fix’ this person. I gave up on that years ago. All it did was cause me undue stress.I have noticed that this person’s Dark Days (what I call them) are becoming more frequent.

The only thing I can do is remove myself from this person as much as possible because when the Darkness comes there is meanness and I get hurt….so sad…..



4 thoughts on “Mental health issues….

  1. I understand that you want to make sense of it. We like to understand people and wrap them in neat packages. It doesn’t matter if the person has self esteem or mental health issues; if that person does not fit your definition of positive influence or friendship, your moving on is the best choice.

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  2. If you like them you could if you are brave enough write them a letter explaining why you can no longer stand by them. At a point if the person won’t change you have to protect yourself and a last shot of encouraging them to look at themselves, to motivate them to seek help maybe is tough love. Just ignoring their bad behaviour is not doing them any favours. Look after yourself ❤

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  3. I have recently gone through something similar. While I have never been divorced, I can only imagine the hurt and betrayal I felt was very similar as those feelings experienced with a divorce. I’m very sorry to hear you’re going through this.

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