Dark Days

There is one that I know that has Dark Days. That is what I call them. I alluded to this a few posts ago…..I did not go into much detail but it is a Problem…

Dark Days used to come upon the anniversary of this person’s loved one’s death. That I could understand and knew that it would take time and usually the person would jump out from the Dark Hole and get on with his life.

These days, the Dark Days are coming to visit more and more. This person was an addict. I guess is still an addict, but has been sober for over 12 years. I don’t know if the crack cocaine nor heroin has anything to do with it. I don’t know if this person is truly bi-polar. I don’t know if it’s depression.

I used to try to ‘fix this person’. I no longer try to do that because for years now I have been rebuffed. I also had so much going on my life that I could throw myself into work or being busy and it was easier for me to deal with.

The problem now is that the Dark Days are more frequent and they affect his entire household along with his children. He is mean and nasty and indifferent. He refuses all help and all suggestions to get help. He knows everything and everyone else is stupid.

It makes me want to get away ….far, far, away….

This person is not violent. This person would not hurt anyone physically. However, the verbal abuse and complete indifference hurts in other ways.

I find myself not caring and wishing I could remove myself from this person’s life, and yet it is impossible to do so. There is nothing I can do….



2 thoughts on “Dark Days

  1. You need to nurture yourself. If you can’t walk away perhaps you could distance yourself. Even if you don’t believe in them the physical act of doing something can help us visualize and thus relax better; perhaps you could smoke (incense or herbs) his presence off you, or salt, scented candle or a shower. Even going to the sink and saying “I wash my hands of you (or of your attitude if that seems a bit harsh)” might help reduce the negative influence. I used to take my kids through guided meditation before they went to sleep and the book had us pin our problems on the worry tree before we went into the dream garden. They may sound cheesy but these things can really help you relax, especially if the problems bringing us down aren’t our own. Look after yourself!

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