Men need Men too!

Since I wrote about Women needing Women, I thought it only fair that I write about Men needing Men….

I believe this. I have taught this saying to my sons. Men need other men to talk to, (do they open up to each other?) …to talk about the women in their lives that drive them up the wall…..

I will talk to the hubs and he hears, “Blah, Blah, Blah” and his eyes glaze over. He has no idea what I am saying…

Men need men to do “men things”….camping, fishing, hunting, going to sports games, watching sports games, golfing….even if their wives go with them from time to time.

I know some men that get together for breakfast once a month. Some of them are affiliated with a church, others are doctors that I know. They get together not to talk about work, but about their lives. They even have ‘accountability talks’. They set goals and talk about them…..and they support one another.

Single dads definitely need men to support them in raising their kids alone. That’s a tough one…..

So for my men readers, I do know that Men need Men too!!

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