Safe Place…

I used to think my home was my Safe Place, and it was. It was decorated in soft hues that immediately gave me peace….(my old homes, not The House of Bedrooms)….

My home is still my safe place in a way…It’s like “base” when playing tag. However, because we are in such close quarters, there is no where for me to be in order to Think or Read unless I get up really early (for instance, today to write and almost every morning)…because we have a House of Bedrooms….

So what is my Safe Place?

Right here. Writing my blog. There some things that have happened in my life that are off limits, but for the most part, this is my Safe Place. Sometimes my daughters read my blog, but they are so busy that they don’t read it very often. They know ‘unnamed’ people I write about and usually I get fussed at after they read a post.  Due to their busy lives, they don’t read it often and I still feel safe writing about whatever is on my mind.

Is is sad that this is now my safe place? No. I am grateful for it. I am grateful that I can write whatever I want and have no judgement passed upon me, nor be ridiculed for my thoughts.

Comments:  I love getting comments that show that others may be going through the same thing or that others that are younger may learn something….suggestions for this and that as well as wishes for wellness are so appreciated because I don’t get much of that from Home anymore.

Blogging is a great way for those of us going through a strange time in our lives to put down our thoughts and not feel so alone…


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