Women need Women

This was a quote I wrote on Success Inspirers’ World and I wanted to explain…

This is no offense to the male gender at all. Some women are fortunate because they can share with their husbands, brothers, sons, and all of the special men in their life.

I have been saying for years that Women need Women. The reason I have said this and still do to this day, is because in my own life, I have not been able to communicate with the men in my life like I do with the women in my life.

Women will usually have conversations that may go on for minutes or hours, and I find that the men in my life don’t have the patience. Women are the nurturers, the fixers, the friends, the backbones of the family in most cases.

Women can talk to one another about their mothers, sisters, friends, co-workers, husbands, boyfriends, brothers, sons and daughters with other women and get a sense of peace and understanding. Sometimes it helps to ‘bare one’s soul’ so to speak. I have been able to do this easier with the women in my life than with the men in my life.

I used to have more friends that were men than women. I found over time that they would move on, get married, and of course our friendship had to be put aside. Other men friends I had when younger had an ulterior motive and that eventually ruined the friendship…..

Perhaps because my mom and I were so close…This is the reason I feel this way… She had a network of friends primarily made up of women in her church. If there was a celebration, they would come together. If there was a problem or tragedy, they would band together like a mighty army and help the one in times of trouble. If there was a need for prayer, Warriors were called and prayers were being said for hours and days. These women counted on one another for support.

I admired these women so much and watched them as a young person and then as a young woman. I wanted to have what they had. A sisterhood of sorts.

I know that there are some men that are single dads and have to be the backbone of the family and I applaud them and respect them mightily for that. There are also some men that are great communicators with the women in their life and I kind of envy those women that have men in their lives like that.

I also know that some women or girls that are not very nice and just spread cattiness wherever they go and I am not talking about them.

I have also had two women friends that I thought were friends for life and had to cut them out of my life because they hurt me so badly.

I know that there are exceptions.

However, for the most part, I have found that women will usually call back when they say will, will be there for one another, pray with another, pray for one another, support one another and be true to one another.

I have been so busy working for so many years, and have not been able to cultivate friendships with other women like I would have liked to. In the early days, a group of moms were there for one another and I was part of that sisterhood. Children grow up, families move, and those friendships blew away like the wind.

I do have one friend for over twenty years and we have been like sisters. I value her friendship more than she could ever know. I have also been friends with my daughters as they have grown up into young women, but again, they are growing up and moving out and moving on……

This leaves a void in my heart that I hope to fill by cultivating relationships that I Still Have in my life by the women Left in my life, if that makes any sense.

It’s lonely when you are the only full time woman in the house…..



4 thoughts on “Women need Women

  1. I hope no one complained, people can be so sensitive. I read the original piece and it never entered my mind that you were saying anything about men. I think women need women and men and men need men and women, and I assumed that was what you were saying; just highlighting one part. I assumed you were emphasizing that we need to be there and help each other. For instance I hope single parents of both genders have friends and family to represent the other gender for their kids. I think I knew what you meant and it was a pure loving statement ❤

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