How can you save money?

This is my question. How can you save money when one is constantly buying alcohol and spending money on Needless Things?  I will explain:  I am saving every penny, trying to get bills paid and save money for some projects that need to be done by winter in the Fixer Upper.

A few months ago the kids that are still at home decided that MAWM can not cook. Dad cooks better. I don’t have a stove, just a cook top, so no oven. But I try…..have cooked for over twenty years and all of a sudden they don’t like my cooking?

At first I was hurt by it but then I went with it…hey who cares? One less thing for me to do…I keep things in the freezer for them to pop in the microwave, sandwich fixings are always in the fridge in case the Dark One gets home from work too late to cook which he is sometimes wont to do…

Thursday night he arrived home with two bottles of cheap champagne and a gallon of orange juice so he and one of the older kids could make mimosas…What the? Who drinks mimosas at night and polishes off two bottles to boot? Were they giving it away at the store?

Tonight he comes home with Kahlua (never seen him drink it in a million years) as well as this gorgeous bottle (the bottle was gorgeous) of Vodka…was it free?

Forgive me, I just don’t get it. The laundry room still has walls of mold that need to be taken out before winter. The floor is literally falling in. New floor joists need to be built and then new sub floor put on top. Eleven sheets of drywall are needed to replace the moldy drywall. That’s just one project. Does not include taping, plastering and painting.

I am going around looking like Cruella with scraggly gray hair with tinges of dark brown.

I have no money for my lower plate so I have tusks.

And we are buying Alcohol?

Don’t even get me started on the impromptu beach trip this past week. I was glad that they were gone. However, I don’t think that the hotel for two nights, as well as gas and food were free. The Dark One (poor thing) has not been to the beach this year so scooted off with the three grown/almost grown kids…..More money spent and only God knows how we are going to get through the rest of this month….The Dark One used his credit card that is strictly for work. Guess what? I am not paying it off like I usually do every month….He also informed me that he is planning to go to Colorado in October to see #3. Let’s not talk about the money Nor the Work He Won’t be Doing!!!

See, this is my problem. I am the Responsible One. I don’t spend money foolishly when there are bills to be paid and projects to be done when The Floor Is Falling In. The pipes under the House have to be Wrapped. We have No Heat except for Electric Heaters and all of the windows which are half cracked or falling out need to be covered in plastic. But if I mention these things, the Dark One will become Darker.

No wonder my blood pressure is high.

No, I won’t retaliate by spending money foolishly. I refuse to do it. I will get well, get a night job and push through this foolishness until I either leave or prevail….only time will tell how this will go……

I don’t mind getting a night job. I want to. I want to get away from the Dark One and the craziness. I really think He Needs To Get A Second Job…I am tired of feeling sorry for him working so hard (which he does with his body everyday)….but I am sick and tired of feeling sorry for him like I have for twenty years. He feels that he should be rewarded for his all hard work….

When am I going to get my reward?

When I’m out of here.



2 thoughts on “How can you save money?

  1. How can you save money? Your article is a cry for help. Don’t panic! If you do the horse and wagon will go over the cliff. I know you want to be the Savior of your family, and you could kill yourself in the process, and life will go on for them. First, take care of you. I gave my daughter a credit card to use for college necessities; she abused the card I cut it off. You call that tough love. How do you save money? Treat saving as a bill to be paid.

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