I Sleep with the Enemy…

A while ago I wrote about my new Enemy, my Shih-Tzu, who bit me and sent me to the hospital with another bout of antibiotics and pain….I really disliked that dog for a few weeks…

Last week he was limping. I felt so bad for him and realized I had forgiven him. He’s just a dog. He certainly didn’t mean to hurt me. He would sit outside and bark and bark for me to gently pick him up From Behind where his Teeth couldn’t reach me in order to carry him inside. 

I was worried. I don’t have the money for a vet visit, that’s for sure. I watched him and sat with him and discovered that he is so matted around his feet that the fur wrapped around him and caused him great pain. A visit to the groomers is on the horizon once we get paid. I asked the hubs to look at him and try and help him. The hubs is the one Person he won’t bite and is patient with. The hubs was So Dark he would not help the poor dog.  He told me to take him to the pound. Gasp!  No way!!  I love All Animals. Never would I do that…..Darkness.  I asked my daughter to see if she could tend to him but was told, “he’s not my dog”….who’s dog is he?  

I bought the two small dogs ten years ago for both of my daughters. The one daughter loved him for two days and gave him to her sister. Guess she forgot that the dogs are Hers.

The dogs are old and kind of like me. No one thinks they are cute and fluffy and adorable anymore. They just eat and drink and poop and lay around. No one plays with them nor buys them treats. They just hang around with me but still wag their tails when I come home. I am thankful for them, even if they are old now. I still see them as puppies. I don’t see that they too, are getting slower and older. I still care for them. They are part of the family. Goodness, we have had them since they were eight weeks old.

During my recovery from divers and my latest bout of Anxiety or whatever is making my blood pressure rise, guess who slept at my feet at night, on the floor right next to me? Guess who spent their days sitting by me?


The Enemy.  

Mr. Buttons



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