A betrayal…

There was an awful argument  going on in the house. The house is situated away from neighbors so no one could hear. The man walked out and the woman was crying. She foolishly texted two of her children….

One responded right away and wanted to come home, as she was out for the evening. She then offered the man, who happened to be her father, a ride home…..

The other grown child did not respond at all to the mother until the next day. By that time, support, someone to talk to, a friend…was no longer needed.

The man came home and sat outside. The woman went outside in the dark and found him on his phone, Face Timing his grown daughter, telling her all about how awful her mother was. The daughter lives far away.

The next day, the mother received a text from that daughter. She said she never even received the text until the next day.

The mother knew she was lying because she saw her on the phone, Face Timing her father, the night before. The mother said nothing…

The daughter, once thought to be a great friend….

is not.

The mother doesn’t expect nor want the grown children to choose sides, it is wrong to do that. She does however, expect an answer or a return call or text. She also expects honesty. She has always expected honesty. This is nothing new.

She now knows she can trust no one.


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