The Broken Bouquet…

The son bought his mother a beautiful bouquet of  balloons for Mother’s Day. It sat proudly on her dresser. Every time she looked at them, she thought of him. It was not expensive, nor fancy, it was just a “thing” but it meant a lot to her.

The father came home from work and had a fit of rage. He is wont to do that often. He would not hurt the mother physically. She ignored his rage. She was not going to get into an argument that would end up badly. She knows she is in a trap and can not start a new life for herself right now. Her youngest son also expressed his sadness that his family was splitting apart. The mother decided she will hang in there for her almost grown son.

The father picked up the lovely Bouquet of Balloons. He threw it on the dresser, breaking it…Normally the mother would have started screaming at him or crying. She calmly ignored it.

After the father went to work the next day, she looked at the broken Bouquet of Balloons and decided to let them sit, broken on her dresser. They are still Beautiful to her. She will not let evil win.

She cried.


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