A question for seasoned bloggers…

You know those messages that people post about “100” followers?

How does one get those messages?

Just wondering…

Comments welcome please!!

16 thoughts on “A question for seasoned bloggers…

  1. I believe we must be active. We must network ourselves and assist other writers/bloggers. I have been on the writing sites for 13 years. Many people had follow me and I have follow people to new sites to write and create. I believe if we read, share and help each other. We will gain followers. But we must follow other writers too.

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  2. Hi – I am late to this – but I believe that it was in your messages long ago when you reached the milestone of 100 – and so now you should be on the lookout for the next milestone – which is “500” – I think
    and glad to be in your list of followers – albeit a new one here…
    have a great day

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