The Power of Prayer…

Some may not believe in the Power of Prayer, but I certainly do. Allow me to tell two short stories that will demonstrate what I mean….

A friend texted me early Sunday morning. She Never texts me that early. Then she Face Book messaged me. She knows I am not a Face Book person, so I knew it was Important.

Her niece, whom she is very close to, is one of those, “extreme sports people”, entering marathons and such…I really don’t know what you call them. She was participating in this marathon which included obstacle courses. While participating, she fell and hurt her shoulder. It was not a big deal. She finished the race and just thought that she hurt her shoulder. A few hours later she was back in her hotel room which she shared with a friend. She cried out to dial “911” and fell to the floor. A small ‘hurt’ to the shoulder turned into a blood clot which went to her brain, pretty quick and she was rushed to the hospital. After various tests and scans, it was determined that she had suffered a stroke. She is Young. She was not able to breathe on her own, she was paralyzed, could not communicate in any way, was in a coma…..Her parents flew to the city where she is, and the doctors had no hope that she would ‘pull through’. One doctor gave a little hope. The other said it was futile to hope for a future for her. He even talked of, “pulling the plug”.  I quickly dialed those on my prayer chain which in turn, others called Their prayer chains, and prayers were said all over the country for this young woman as well as her family. A week later and she is doing much better.

Now I understand that when in prayer, it’s all up to the will of God. However, in praying in this fashion, I also prayed for her family, friends, and especially for her restoration and healing….that she would be a walking testimony….

It was a “freak accident”…..

The next story happened last Friday night. A mom of six was at a stop sign. She was pulling out onto a road that is known to have posted a very slow speed limit. She was T-Boned by a truck going Fast. The weird thing is, there is usually a police officer stationed at this place, waiting to catch those that were speeding. That wasn’t the case this night. However, the mom had a two year old child with her. Both were airlifted to a trauma hospital. The baby was fine, Thank God. The mom, however, had brain swelling, internal bleeding, a collapsed lung, and a host of other problems. The prognosis was not good. The hospital staff worked very very hard. This woman as well was put on a prayer list as soon as I heard of it. She is a good friend of one of my children. Four days later, she is doing much better. She will have a long road to recovery, but she will recover, so the doctors say. ..the Power of Prayer…yes I believe in it completely!!




11 thoughts on “The Power of Prayer…

  1. I absolutely believe in the power of prayer, I’m not religious but I am spiritual (for me God is not “somebody” but rather “everything” so I don’t think it is working because “somebody” is listening but because the intention of healing is focused in words and thoughts) for me prayer is a kind of healing

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  2. It seems like there are so many people to pray for! My prayer list gets longer and longer…however, I do believe that God is All Powerful and Can Heal. I do pray for His Will to be done, and pray for the hurting families…so much sorrow….thank you!


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