Wild, Wild West

This was my thought this morning:  Are things so bad in America today or has it just always been this way, like the Wild, Wild West when gangs would ride through towns guns blazing…shooting and destroying….

Over the weekend in America bombings in New York and New Jersey wreaked havoc.

The past few nights in Charlotte, North Carolina has erupted in more violence, more unruly protests, more businesses getting sacked….

I do not believe in police brutality and also believe in racial profiling.

However, in this particular instance, there is evidence on Tape that shows that the officers that shot the young man asked or told him several times to put down his weapon. Should he have been  shot? I think not. I think that there must be a better way to deal with someone that has an outstanding Warrant and has a gun….It is tragic. And I am not saying that lightly. Why didn’t he put down his weapon? Afraid to go to jail? Was he going to shoot a police officer?

He was going to jail anyway if a Warrant was out for his arrest. Why resist? Why not just put down the weapon….He wasn’t targeted because of his color, he was wanted for a Warrant.

I feel for this family and pray for them.

However, what I don’t understand is that police were on the scene both nights with the rioting. Were there not enough of them to ensure that the businesses were not trashed? Weren’t those rioting in fact breaking the law? Under the Constitution, we have the right to a Peaceful Protest. Not a riot. Why weren’t those breaking the law put in jail as well?

Is there now going to be a race war in the America? What’s next?

Why can’t people get along?

Why can’t police perhaps use tasers or another way to deal with one that has a weapon. Why can’t the person with the weapon who won’t relinquish it, just put it down? Isn’t jail better than your life being ended?

With terrorism at large, all over the world as well as in our own country, this is what the terrorists want. While we are busy fighting one another, they will of course attack us. When we are not United…..

I just don’t get it…..

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