A mood stabilizer??

I went to a doctor yesterday with my husband just to avoid another confrontation. I’ve seen so many doctors over the past six months, one more couldn’t hurt, right?

This doctor is actually a friend of mine, and he is my husband’s personal physician. He and his wife were and are customers of mine from many moons ago and he is a very good doctor. He does a lot of volunteer work with local hospices and really cares about people’s health – both mental and physical.

The first thing he did was check over my medication, looking carefully at the change in my blood pressure medicine to make sure that my own doc was ‘prescribing correctly’. She was spot on. (relief)…We then discussed my recent bout of high blood pressure, my extreme anxiety, and so forth.

We then discussed that serotonin uptakes were not working as doctors once thought they did. (I was only on one for 14 years sheesh)….Now the medical community is recommending a ‘mood stabilizer’….the doctor I saw seems to think I am depressed…(ya think?)….I really don’t mean to be nasty, he is a great doctor–truly..I was a bit surprised that he wanted to recommend that I be placed on a mood stabilizer..I am not even sure what it is….however, he said it would help to ‘get me out of my depression and get rid of my anxiety..

Sorry, don’t believe it and I have no intention of taking one. I will do my own research on mood stabilizers but I take enough medicine and I think good ole fashioned “get a hold of yourself” will do just fine.

Today I actually went to work, to the store, did laundry, took a walk, read a book, and ignored anyone that was mean to me.

Mood stabilizer….Nah, not right now. I am going to try the old fashioned approach first….


2 thoughts on “A mood stabilizer??

  1. You know your body. As long as you listen to it and give it what it needs… sometimes it’s just rest and time away from stress.
    That’s a smart move, some Dr.’s are quick at giving Rx. That’s why I pick a DO over an MD. I try alternative meds/treatment first. No offense meant to the MD’s but it’s our culture and that’s the norm.
    Hope you feel better.

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