Home Schooling and me…

Well this is my last year!!  It’s been a very long road – 14 years!!! One more to go!!

We are in the beginning of tenth grade this year. We started about three weeks later than the local public schools, but considering all of my stress and anxiety lately, I think we are doing pretty well.

Tenth grade is our last grade. Then it’s G.E.D. time, then enrollment in community college. It’s also very important that #6 learns to take notes and study…He is used to being coddled by the older kids and me as well. He’s in for a bit of shock.

The history book we use traces civilization from the beginning, it’s a Catholic Curriculum, although we are not Catholic. It’s great for History because the Catholic Church was so prominent in Europe until the Reformation. It’s also very confusing to remember who was fighting who, which king or queen was ruling and so forth….The History Book we use is called, “Christ the King” so it does emphasize Creationism but also introduces  Evolution….However, #6 is  going to have to buckle down and concentrate. He is not thrilled but not fighting me as much as he usually does.

Biology is also hard this year. No more Earth Science nor Physical Science. Biology is not easy, but so far he is not complaining so I am so relieved!

Our English lessons we finished in two days for the first quarter so that’s a blessing!!

He is reading, “Animal Farm” and learning about the Russian Revolution and analyzing that amazing book as well.

We have four books additionally to analyze as well as a research paper this year. I am usually sent all of the books but this year, of course we have to either order them special or get them from the library. I would rather borrow from the library to save money but I have paid so many late fees I am planning to order all the books needed for book analysis for the entire year.

We still have two parts of driving to complete. Due to satellite and the company we use for driving, we have to go out to the library in order for him to complete his classroom study. Then once that is done we have to actually enroll him in “behind the wheel”….Much to do!

I am pushing but not too hard…starting at a reasonable pace and so far, so good. I am planning on one more week of school before we hit the library for his driving course. He has completed three modules with quizzes and tests and has seven more to go. He has logged many hours driving….in the day, in the night, on the highway, as well as the interstate so I am confident that he is ready to take his “behind the wheel” as soon as he completes his classroom.

This year is encouraging to me because he seems to want to work independently and at least for this first week, has worked faithfully each day on school. (gasp!!)

#4 has graciously taken over math. I am the worst at math and there is no way I can teach Geometry. His father used to teach math but bailed this year. I was stressing out over it and then she took it over. I am hoping to be able to afford a tutor in the early spring just for a refresher for Algebra as well as Geometry before he takes his G.E.D.

Once we have a pattern established, I am planning to (money permitting) to sign him up for guitar lessons. His brother took guitar lessons and loved it. #6 can play a little as well but most of it is self taught. He doesn’t know it, but he will enjoy going out and learning from a “real guitar teacher”…at least we have several guitars ….I also plan to incorporate “gym time” (money permitting) again….He went to the gym and worked out last year and seemed to like it and I certainly need to get back to it as well..

It’s always about money! (unfortunately)…

It makes me feel good to concentrate on only one student, instead of several students and several grades and I am really hoping we have a good year…

I am so happy this is my last year. Can’t wait to be free to do something for myself!!



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