Falling to the floor..

I have to hurry up and write because we are having a gloomy, rainy day and the internet goes out at will..

Yesterday while at my grandson’s birthday party, my daughter in law, although I call her my daughter–received a message that her dad was in the hospital. He is a heart transplant patient and is young.

He lives with her brother and fell to the floor and was immediately rushed to the hospital. His heart is not doing well, he has pneumonia, and a host of other seemingly impossible health problems. He has not been taking good care of himself lately. He was running a temp of 107 and was delusional…

The docs have put him in a coma to see what they can do for him. I am praying he will pull out of it. My daughter and grand daughter will need much support if he passes. Her mother lives in Florida and is his ex wife. She suffered much while married to him and is not a Fan of him at all. I am worried that my daughter will have to handle the blow on her own and I won’t let that happen. I will be there for her as well as my grand daughter.

After his transplant they were very close but over the years, there have been slights and disappointments between them. I think her dad was also depressed because he has suffered family slights recently.

I am hoping for a complete healing. It seems impossible to us, but nothing is impossible with God. I am also praying for my son and his family for this will not be easy. They are now playing the waiting game which causes much stress and anxiety…

Seems my prayer list gets longer and longer every day….


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