The Feels…..

Was I too busy when young to care about what others were going through? Was I just praying for them, (a quick prayer for sure) and continuing on changing diapers and giving bottles and more importantly, was I selfish?

That’s what I asked myself last night. I am passed the Menopause by a few years, but still cry a lot. I don’t cry as much, but I am officially a crier.

These days when I hear of something sad or sorrowful or hurtful that is being done or is happening to someone, I of course pray for them and then I ‘feel it’….I am almost consumed with sadness or sorrow for them.It could be anyone.

I don’t remember ever feeling sympathy or empathy like this before for others….I am glad that I am able to do so now, but on the other hand, I wonder if it’s normal.

I feel like a sin eater or something….



5 thoughts on “The Feels…..

  1. I think it is a normal part of who you are, Tony. I cry a lot, especially for Syria and the refugees. I spent six months working around and living amongst these people so when I see the devistation on the news it makes me very, very sad. And sometimes books make me cry too. I cried reading ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’ and I often find myself crying when children die in literature.

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  2. A sin eater? there are worse fates. I think you will find you cry more as you get older, rather than less. Although not exactly an alpha male, I was never prone to break down as frequently as I do of recent years. Now I cry each time I look at the calendar!

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